Sunday, February 27, 2011


Me and my best friends Steve, Spencer and Tim as 'superheroes'.  Our adventures are in the works... Click for larger image:
The Eel
Powers: Extra-slippery sweatiness, a variety of interchangeable utility teeth (explosive, tranquilizer, stabby-kind, etc.) can be launched at opponents and 2.5 years of Martial Arts training.
Weaknesses: Irrational fear of sharks, ghosts and secret government plots. Prone to "episodes" and often misplaces keys to the Eel-Cycle or locks himself out of the Eel-Pit.

Powers: Electric boxing gloves that stun enemies and destroy equipment, thick, bouncy hide and protective fur. Can use his gloves to cook a 5lbs. bag of tater-tots and eat them in one sitting.
Weaknesses: Fat lightning is illiterate and sexually confused. Can't hold stuff with his gloves on and flies into an uncontrollable rage if you touch his glasses.

Red Fury and Dog Zero
Powers: Super speed and dexterity. Employs 'Ginger Magic' and 'Ginger Rage'. Zero can trip and restrain foes with his leg tackles and humpy-grip.
Weaknesses: Zero is averaged speed so Red Fury has to circle back a lot. Ginger Magic is unpredictable and sometimes results in wild mishaps.  He is also a ginger and a socialist.

B.O.S.S. (Bio-Enhancing Offensive Strike Suit)
Powers: Specially designed suit has armor plating, energy-drink enhancements, weapon system and supercharged skates.  B.O.S.S. vibrate his foot to disrupt enemies and also devises team strategy.
Weaknesses: Basement-built suit prone to malfunctions, such as bullets going off unexpectedly, and skates getting stuck in loop-de-loop mode.  Strategies are usually too practical for the rest of the team to pay attention to and he is unavailable for many missions because he needs to tend to his 17 cats.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Revamped my website in preparation for the launch of my design studio and the printing of I Taste Sound Volume 1: The Sword of Reason in the coming weeks...

Thursday, February 03, 2011


My friend Dave has his own t.v. show. He doesn't have a t.v.. Steve and I went on last night to talk about some recent projects like the 2011 calendar, and some older projects like building weird shrines from the shoes of strangers. If you like awkward tv or calendars with Steve Boone in them, these clips are for you... otherwise, they are hardly watchable.