Sunday, May 08, 2011


Wow, Randy and the crew at Collectors Corner were incredible yesterday. They took such good care of the artist and the customers on a day that had to be nerve-rackingly hectic. So glad to be a part of this event. Sold a stack of books from this set up:

I had the best seat in the house next to Greg LaRocque who put together one amazing commission after another all day and while signing copies of the many Marvel and DC titles he's worked on. Lots of people in this line were there to see him...
...and these chicks caused at least one car accident out front.
Also, met Batgirl and she wrote this first review of the book at Girls With Comics... though I only count two actual butt jokes and two borderline butt jokes in the whole book, I thank her for the kind words.
I also took part in a contest amongst the featured artists where we were asked to draw our interpretations of 'Charlie Sheen as Green Lantern'. I did not win, and I feel bad, because I really hope Charlie makes it through summer.