Saturday, November 03, 2012


So... G. Gordon Liddy and Timothy Leary went on this college debate tour in the late eighties... Leary sounds a little fried by this point... but it's an interesting listen.  He describes himself as a Libertarian here, but I'm sure most would have thought of him as far "left" with his associations with the Weather Underground, Black Panthers, flower power, etc.  When I listened to this I noticed that I agree with about 95% of his politics... particularly from 45:00 on.  The presenter is a doofus so skip to 5:00 for the deabate.

“Leary vs. Liddy – 1990 Debate”

He does a good job of explaining how all-powerful central government corrupts shared intentions, no matter how progressive, and squanders resources. It's helping me figure out how I can have similar ideals as my Democratic establishment leaning friends, but disagree with most-to-all of their positions.